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Installing the Agent & Protect

Installing the Monarx Agent & Protect PHP extension on your servers

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Monarx strongly recommends using one or more production servers for a PoC. Generally 1-5 shared hosting servers are sufficient. Installing on development or test servers can be helpful for evaluating the installation process, but not for measuring actual performance & resource usage. Even if you plan to test with "canned" malware samples, it is one thing to train a tool to find known malware from a signature library, and a completely different thing to find and prevent real malware from real attackers.

The Monarx Agent is software that runs on your servers to handle communication with the Monarx Cloud and to take action as directed. Protect is a PHP extension that gathers valuable data on malicious activity to improve Monarx's classification & protection capabilities - a kind of "global honeypot". The two can be installed with a 1-line command for your system's native package manager.

Specific installation instructions for different supported environments can be found below:

In rare cases, extra Agent configuration may be required - documentation may be found at Advanced Agent Configuration.

Using an OS variant that you don't see supported? Our support is based on customer needs and it generally requires approximately one week to package for a new OS variant/version so just ask.

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