This article shows a basic installation of the Monarx Agent. For advanced configuration, including using regex patterns in scan bases and quarantine directories, see Advanced Agent Configuration.

Monarx uses RPM packages managed via yum for CentOS 6.

Set up the repo

sudo curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/monarx.repo

Set up the Agent configuration file

Visit the Resources module in the Monarx web app to download a basic Agent configuration file (monarx-agent.conf) populated with your Enterprise's client_id and client_secret. Place the file in your servers' /etc/ directory: /etc/monarx-agent.conf.

Before installing the Agent & Protect modules below, uncomment/configure the user_base values in the monarx-agent.conf file according to the examples provided, or as described in Advanced Agent Configuration.

Install the Agent and Protect modules with yum

sudo yum install monarx-protect-autodetect

The monarx-protect-autodetect package pulls in the monarx-agent and monarx-protect packages as dependencies. It configures Protect to be loaded as a PHP extension for common configurations of PHP, although you may need to restart your web servers for the changes to take effect. You can verify that the Agent is running and communicating with the cloud successfully by navigating to the Agents module in the Monarx web app.

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