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Provisioning API Keys
Provisioning API Keys
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Getting Started

For various automated tasks, Monarx offers a public API to aid system administrators and abuse teams. These endpoints include access to file and analysis data, as well as agent information. Swagger documentation is available for our API.

In order to access the API, you will need to generate API keys from your account. If you are a member of the "Developer" group, you already have the necessary permissions to provision credentials. If you are not yet a member of the "Developer" group or another custom group with similar credential access, you will need to contact your enterprise administrator to acquire access. Once you have the necessary permissions, navigate to the Credential module's creation form.

The most rapid approach is simply to:

  • Provide a meaningful name

  • Add the "User" group (click it)

  • Click save

You should now see your new ID and Secret API Keys. These keys should be kept in a safe, server side environment. They are NOT intended to be public in any way. This is the only time the secret will be available and readable. Click the "Copy" icon to copy a simply bash script with your new API keys to test their functionality or copy the ID and Key manually.

Manual Approach

To access the form location manually:

  1. Navigate to the Credentials Module.

  2. Click on the blue "New" Button located on the right hand "Overview" panel.

  3. Click on the "Credential" list option

Give your credential a meaningful name, and add the relevant groups. Keeping the principle of least privilege in mind, you likely should only assign the credential a subset of your own permissions. We recommend that you only add the "User" group to your credential's permissions; however, for more restrictive or permissive tasks, you may add other custom or default groups as desired.

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