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PoC Evaluation Criteria
PoC Evaluation Criteria

Considerations for evaluating Monarx's performance in a PoC

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Monarx helps hosting business all around the globe in 3 main ways:

  • Reducing costs - by saving expensive sysadmin time & lowering support tickets resulting from malware

  • Increasing revenue - by giving you a superior anti-malware solution to upsell to your customers, paired with automatic sales leads generated from detection of vulnerable & infected sites

  • Customer satisfaction - by automatically taking care of the #1 issue for domain owners in terms of frustration, support tickets, and churn

Here's what you can evaluate in your PoC to highlight the value Monarx can bring:

  • Meaningful amount of malware detected - the exact amount will depend on the kinds of servers in the PoC, but more malware found means more opportunity to save sysadmin time, decrease support tickets, upsell your customers, and make them happy by solving a difficult problem for them

  • Extremely low false positive rate - competitors can't come close to Monarx's efficacy here. Even a small number of false positives can mean broken websites, upset customers, and scrambling sysadmins.

  • Low resource impact on your servers – particularly CPU and I/O. This is another place where Monarx outshines the competition, as our software is written from the ground up to run efficiently while providing real-time protection - all of the heavy lifting is done in the Monarx cloud.

  • User/server level controls and visibility - in addition to providing protection on an individual user basis (to enable upsell in a shared hosting environment), this includes the control panel plugin and automated reporting capabilities for Abuse and SecOps teams

  • Partnership support - Monarx can't be successful if you're not successful, so being a great partner is core to who we are. Be sure you have a partner who is proactive, responsive, flexible, and aligned with your business goals to de-risk your path to success.

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