WHMCS Module Requirements

Requirements for the WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx

Written by Aaron Phillips
Updated over a week ago

This guide is designed to assist admins who have already set up WHMCS and meet the following specifications:

  • PHP version 7.3 or above

  • WHMCS versions 8.X or above

  • MySQL 5.7 or above (Recommended: MySQL 8 or MariaDB equivalent)

  • cPanel & WHM (for shared hosting upsell)

  • cPanel & WHM Monarx Module Installed (optional)

  • Monarx Agent (Installed or Automated)

By ensuring that their setup aligns with these specifications, admins can make the most of the information provided in this guide.

Known Issues

Incompatible Modules

The following modules are known to cause issues with the Monarx WHMCS Modules. We highly recommend reviewing this list and ensuring that you are not affected in a development environment before using the module in a production environment if any of the below modules are installed.




This module imports an older, incompatible version of Guzzle which causes issues in both WHMCS (Versions 8.0 and above, inclusive) and our modules.

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