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WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx
Glossary of Monarx-Specific Terms
Glossary of Monarx-Specific Terms
Written by Aaron Phillips
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The Monarx Agent is a software that needs to be installed on each Linux Server that is part of the Monarx Upsell program. This software is essential for the smooth functioning of the program.

Active Protection is a useful mode or setting available for the Monarx Agent, which allows clients to benefit from the comprehensive protection provided by the full version of Monarx.

Detect Mode is a useful setting for the Monarx Agent that allows clients to access a limited version of Monarx. This mode is specifically designed to help clients identify any potential issues and report them effectively.

Monarx Leads are activated when the Monarx Agent is set to Detect mode and identifies a potential threat. This feature generates a lead that can be used for various purposes, such as sending emails, notifications, or integrating with CRM systems. It provides valuable information for future actions and helps streamline security processes.

When Per User Mode is enabled, Monarx can detect and generate leads for multi-tenant Linux hosting operations that utilize control panels like cPanel & WHM. This feature is designed to assist web hosting providers in efficiently managing their hosting operations.

When Full Server Mode is enabled, the Monarx Agent offers active protection for the entire server or VPS. This feature ensures enhanced security and peace of mind.

The Monarx Agent ID is a helpful and unique identifier that is associated with the Monarx Agent.

The Monarx Hostname feature automatically takes on the values from the /etc/hostname file or can be easily configured through the monarx-agent.conf file. This hostname serves as a unique identifier for the Agents, allowing for easy identification and management.

The WHMCS Hostname feature allows admins to conveniently store and utilize hostnames for identifying their products and services within the WHMCS system.

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