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WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx
VPS/Server Agent Configuration
VPS/Server Agent Configuration
Written by Aaron Phillips
Updated over a week ago

When using VPS/Server services, the Monarx Agent will be automatically installed in detect mode, which is the default setting. Admins do not need to perform any additional configuration.


The VPS and Dedicated Servers each require their own unique monarx-agent.conf file. To ensure proper configuration, it is important to include a valid client_id / client_secret, Base Directory configuration, and the following tag: VPS/Server Upsell.

Automated Deployments

When using VPS/Server automation software, admins are advised to automate the installation of the Monarx Agent by bundling it with their ISO or by utilizing CloudInit. Alternatively, admins can also choose to manually install the Monarx Agent and configure it via WHMCS.

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