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WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx
Deploy to Existing VPS/Server Clients
Deploy to Existing VPS/Server Clients
Written by Aaron Phillips
Updated over a week ago

In the scenario where the Monarx Agent needs to be deployed and existing VPS/Servers enrolled into the program, admins can follow these step-by-step instructions.

  1. Deploy Monarx Agent with the VPS/Server tag.

  2. If WHMCS Hostname & Monarx Hostname are the same, they will be auto-matched the next time a daily cron is invoked.

  3. If WHMCS Hostname & Monarx are NOT the same, admins can match them manually via the interface.

Once the Monarx Agent is installed on the VPS server and successfully matched within WHMCS, it will start scanning and detecting potential threats. In the event that a threat is identified, the Upsell Notifications will be triggered, providing helpful emails and in-app notifications. These notifications will include a purchase link, allowing easy upgrades and enhanced security.

Here is an example of a newly deployed VPS/Server where the hostnames do not match. This situation can be resolved in two ways: either by waiting for the next cron job to run, or by manually matching the Monarx Hostname with the WHMCS Hostname using the drop-down box provided.

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