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WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx
Deploy to cPanel & WHM (Shared Hosting)
Deploy to cPanel & WHM (Shared Hosting)
Written by Aaron Phillips
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To enroll a cPanel & WHM server client into the Monarx Upsell program, the server should be connected via WHMCS already and have the Monarx Agent installed.

  1. Verify the WHMCS Hostname and Monarx Hostname are matched.

  2. Change mode to Shared Upsell

  3. Click Activate under Manage Mode.

Example of a server connected to WHMCS.

Finding the cPanel & WHM Server

If the server has not been enrolled (tagged) in the Monarx Upsell program, it is available in the Unknown category.

To enroll a server in Shared Upsell mode, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the desired server by Monarx Hostname.

  2. Open the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Shared Upsell mode from the options available.

Activate Per User Mode

Now navigate to the Shared Upsell navigation link, find the server and make sure the Monarx Hostname matches the WHMCS Hostname.

And then click “Activate” (green button) to enable “per user” mode and then click Per User.

Per User Mode

New vs Existing cPanel & WHM Clients

When the Monarx Agent is installed and associated with a WHMCS service, and Detect Only is enabled, existing clients will be automatically enrolled into the upsell program. If any threats are identified, the enabled notifications will be triggered to keep them informed.

For existing shared hosting accounts, admins can easily deploy their websites by following these steps:

  1. Associate the WHMCS Hostname with the Monarx Hostname.

  2. Activate per user mode.

  3. Associate the WHMCS Hostname with the Monarx Hostname.

  4. Activate per user mode.

New shared hosting accounts are eligible for Website Protection by Monarx. When customers opt-in during checkout, Active Protection will be automatically enabled upon account creation.

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