CTAs, Notifications & Alerts
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The CTAs, Notifications & Alerts feature offers a helpful way to keep clients informed about threats and guide them through the upgrade process. With the WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx, admins can take advantage of pre-built notifications, including email and in-app alerts. These notifications can be easily enabled or disabled, with the default setting being disabled.

Monarx Leads

The Monarx Cloud Platform is designed to be proactive in identifying threats. To ensure that clients stay informed, the platform generates Monarx Leads whenever a threat is detected. These leads contain all the necessary details, including information about the threat itself, the associated account, and other relevant metadata.

WHMCS offers the convenience of automatically pulling leads on a daily basis, providing admins with the information they need. This feature allows admins to stay up-to-date and informed about any potential risks.

Email Notifications

To enable email notification, navigate to Addons → Monarx Upsell Module → Settings

To determine the cadence at which emails should be sent and the maximum number of emails admins would like to send, consider the following steps:

Threat Alert Email 
Threat Eliminated Email
All is Safe Email

To edit the emails, admins can easily locate them in the following directory


In-App Notification

The app notification feature utilizes the built-in notifications in WHMCS to promptly inform the account owner about any detected threats. This in-app message from WHMCS is conveniently linked to the Addon Upgrade page, providing easy access for client upgrades.

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