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WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx
Checkout & Upgrades via WHMCS Addons
Checkout & Upgrades via WHMCS Addons
Written by Aaron Phillips
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The Monarx Upsell Module activation includes two WHMCS Addons that are designed to assist with new customer checkouts and upgrading existing clients.

By default, the pricing and product descriptions for both VPS/Server plans and Shared Hosting plans are pre-populated.

  • VPS/Server Protection by Monarx

  • Website Protection by Monarx

Click the edit button to review the settings:

Details Tab

Admins have the option to customize any setting on this page according to their preferences. Once they are ready to launch, they can enable the "Show on Order" feature to make it visible on the checkout page. Furthermore, both the Name and Description fields can be easily modified.


The pricing in this program has been pre-populated with the MSRP (retail) price for convenience. However, admins have the option to modify and change it according to their own specifications. It's important to note that the revenue sharing aspect of this program reports back to Monarx for billing purposes.

Module Settings

By default, it is recommended not to change the Type and Plan settings. However, admins should adjust the order setup to match their current configuration for optimal results.

Custom Fields

No custom fields are utilized on this addon.

Applicable Products

To associate the Addon with the WHMCS service, follow these steps. After completing this process, the WHMCS Addon will not be accessible for new checkout orders and existing client upgrades.

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