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Managing Leads

An introduction to the leads management interface.

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It is possible to manage leads generated by the Monarx Agent in Detect Mode from within WHMCS via the Monarx Upsell Module.

Leads are generated automatically once a day via the WHMCS Cron Job.

Enabling Leads

Leads are only generated when they are enabled. To do this, you need to enable them. This can be achieved by navigating to Addons > Monarx Upsell Module > Administration (Tab). If this is not available to you yet, see Module Installation.

From the Administration tab, toggle Email Campaign (Leads) to Enabled.

Once this is enabled, Leads will begin to generate once a day during the daily Cron run as per your WHMCS Automation Settings.

Managing Leads

Once Leads have been generated, these will be visible from the Leads Management tab within the module. This tab will display all Leads that the module is actively managing.

๐Ÿ’ก Information

You may see multiple leads for the same client. This is normal and indicates that they have more than one service that has potentially compromising material hosted within.

From this tab, you can view the following:

Lead Information

This button will display all important information that Monarx has detected including the types of malware.

Campaign Information

This button will display a list of emails scheduled to be sent to the client as part of the Upsell efforts. It will display the exact date and time each email was sent respectively.

Cancel Link

Clicking this will cancel the upsell campaign and avoid any further upsell efforts for this service.

Restart Link

This link will restart the campaign for a respective service. It will allow you to start sending emails from the "Day one" email again.

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