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Configuring the module for Shared Hosting upsell
Configuring the module for Shared Hosting upsell

How to ensure that your shared hosting environments are ready for Active Protection in Shared Environments.

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Before following this guide, make sure that you've set up and configured the module. Instructions for that can be found here.

Ensure you have reached out to your account manager and had Active Protection configured for your enterprise before continuing.

Before starting your upsell journey with Monarx on Shared Environments, some configuration must be done to ensure your server and it's respective Agent is ready.

This guide assumes that you have already configured your Shared Hosting servers in WHMCS following their respective documentation.

The module must have a relation between an agent and a server prior to upselling of Active Protection in Shared Environments. Here's how to do so:

  1. In the WHMCS Admin Area, navigate to Addons > Monarx Upsell Module. You'll be shown a page which lists your Shared agents. After installation, this will usually be blank.

  2. Navigate to the Not Matched tab. This tab will list all agents loaded from your Monarx account.

  3. Locate your shared environment agents and click "Configure"

  4. A modal appears. Ensure you select that this is a Shared Server under "What type of server is this?" and then select the shared server you have configured in WHMCS.


  5. Finally, hit "Configure Now". The module will communicate with Monarx and configure the Agent for shared environment upsells.

Once these steps are complete, any new addon purchases for Monarx Active Protection against this shared environment will automatically upgrade each user to Active Protection.

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