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Cron Jobs

How to use the WHMCS Upsell Module Cron Job and the Cron Tasks available.

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Installing the Cron Job

The cron job should be installed in the same manner as your normal WHMCS cron job.

The cron job should be configured to run every 5 minutes or sooner.

The cron job syntax should follow:

*/5 * * * * php /path-to-whmcs/modules/addons/monarx/cron.php

Ensure you use the same PHP binary and configuration as your WHMCS cron job. This will ensure it runs in exactly the same fashion. The only difference is the script to be invoked.

Available Tasks




Lead Synchronisation



Running Individual Tasks

It is possible to run individual tasks by appending the command. For example, to run the Leads Synchronisation task, you would run the following in your shell:

php /path-to-whmcs/modules/addons/monarx/cron.php leads:synchronize

Verbose Logging

By appending -vvv to your cron task or individually run command, you can enable verbose output which will output each individual task being run. This can be useful when requesting support for a command.

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