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Required Credential Permissions
Required Credential Permissions

API Key Permissions required for the WHMCS Module

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The Monarx Upsell Module for WHMCS requires a set of minimum permissions to function correctly. These are listed below.

In addition to the permissions below, you must have Active Protection enabled for your organisation to use this module. Before installation, please reach out to your Account Manager to ensure Active Protection is enabled for your Enterprise.

Required Permissions

  • agent:create

  • agent:read

  • agent:update

  • agent_file:read

  • agent_file:read:analysis

  • agent_file_event:read

  • agent_user:create

  • billing:manage

  • credential:create

  • credential:update

  • enterprise:joined

  • enterprise_file:read

  • enterprise_remediation_rule:read

  • notification:read

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