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The Monarx Upsell Program enables WHMCS to provide their clients with a freemium version of Monarx & attractive upsell opportunities.

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The Monarx Upsell Program enables WHMCS (admins) to provide their customers with a freemium version of Monarx, along with helpful marketing and call-to-action prompts to encourage them to upgrade to the paid version. This guide is designed to assist admins in setting up the Monarx Upsell Program via WHMCS.

Step 1: Sign up for Monarx

To get started, admins can visit the website and sign up for Monarx. They will be required to provide some basic information about their company. Once the information is provided, admins will be granted access to the Monarx Web App.

Step 2: Download the WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx

After signing up, admins can begin the setup process within WHMCS. This process involves enrolling existing clients, configuring the shopping cart, and setting up pricing.

Step 3: Select to Call-to-Action

In order to effectively promote Monarx to clients, it is important to select the appropriate call-to-action triggers. These triggers serve as clear communication tools that highlight the benefits of upgrading to the paid version. Additionally, they provide clients with a simple and convenient way to make the upgrade.

Step 4: Implement to Existing Clients

A helpful first step for admins is to enable Monarx for existing clients. By installing the Monarx Agent in Detect Mode, it becomes easy to implement on existing shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server clients through WHMCS.

To set up the Monarx Upsell Program and begin generating revenue from the freemium version, follow these steps. It is important to regularly evaluate the program's performance and make adjustments to maximize its effectiveness. Our support team is always available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.

The WHMCS Upsell Module by Monarx enables admins to perform various tasks directly within the WHMCS platform.

  1. Match Monarx Hostname with WHMCS Hostname

    1. Automatically & Manually

  2. Enroll Shared, VPS, Dedicated Servers into the Monarx Upsell Program

  3. Exclude servers from the Monarx Upsell Program

  4. Manage Active Protection modes

  5. Enable/Disable Active Protection for any user or any server

  6. Enable Email Notifications

  7. Enable In-App Client Notifications

  8. View Associated Monarx Agent ID

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