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PoC Overview - What to Expect
PoC Overview - What to Expect

What to expect in your free 4-week trial period

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Monarx offers a free 1-month trial to enable you to see how powerful and lightweight our software is, and how your organization can benefit from the most advanced malware protection. Getting started is easy!

Initial Setup

  1. Install the Agent on a few machines using your systems' native package manager.

  2. Initial scans will kick off automatically.

What to expect in your PoC

Week 1:

  • Initial scans complete with Agents running in Insights Only (IO) mode - completely passive, with no remediation of malware found or proactive protection from new malware. You'll get a chance to see what Monarx finds & what it would do before anything happens.

  • You'll get a detailed Compromise Assessment of existing malware and a link to some initial guidance on using the Monarx web app to see the results.

Week 2:

  • Monarx will demo the web app to any/all of your employees who will be involved in the evaluation

  • After you've had a chance to review the malware found by Monarx for any false positives (extremely rare, if any at all), Monarx will enable Active Protection (AP) mode. This can be done fleet-wide for the PoC, by server, or on a per-user basis for shared servers.

Week 3:

  • In AP mode, watch as new standalone malicious files are quarantined and compromised (injected) files are cleaned in real-time.

  • Monitor the (lack of) impact on your servers as Monarx prevents attacks - all of the heavy lifting is done in the Monarx cloud. See PoC Evaluation Criteria for other common evaluation criteria.

Week 4:

  • Trial recap and roll-out planning meeting

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